Saturday, September 15, 2012

And another one went by unnoticed...

Another one what, you ask? Do you even have to ask? Another anniversary, that's what. I completed My BLOG completed 8 years on May 17 2012, and nobody, including me, remembered. You'd think my blog - shy, retiring and unassuming like me though it is - would have drawn my attention to its 8th birthday in some shy, retiring, unassuming way... but no. Apparently, my blog - with whom which I have conversations while typing up recipes and posts - is not a real entity.

Who knew? The world in my head seems as real as the world outside my head. Not that anyone can say for sure how real that is... I mean, for all you know, we could just be the dreamworld of some unknown super-being who didn't even have to create the world as we know it, merely dream about our world as we think we know it. I know. It boggles my mind too. 

And with that sufficiently mysterious, pseudo-philosophical and pseudo-theological remark, let me drink drink a metaphorical flute of champagne to mark the (till now unmarked) passing of yet another year for my food blog. Here's to Year 9, and may it see more than just imaginary conversations! Cheers! *metaphorical hiccup*