Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Biting off more than I can chew?

There's a sad, sad pun in the title, which you'll probably realise in a moment when I tell you my latest project - a new food blog, on Wordpress rather than Blogger (in a bid to try something different) and featuring only non-vegetarian recipes. Here, my friends, is where it is: Non-Veg Food, In The Main

Ok, I'm TOTALLY thinking what you're thinking, and I know exactly what you're thinking - what on earth is this woman doing starting yet another blog when she's been neglecting the ones she DOES have? I know, I know. I'm probably all kinds of a fool for doing this, but... who knows, it might kick-start my mojo and make me a food blogger again instead of a food-blog lurker.

And yes, since I'm pretty much a rank beginner in the non-vegetarian cooking arena, my skills are very basic, and so is my knowledge. The recipes that will feature in my new blog will be mainly for the beginner cook, but I hope to improve my culinary skills as we go along. The trick will be in cooking without tasting, because after all, I'm vegetarian! Fingers crossed for luck!