Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Biting off more than I can chew?

There's a sad, sad pun in the title, which you'll probably realise in a moment when I tell you my latest project - a new food blog, on Wordpress rather than Blogger (in a bid to try something different) and featuring only non-vegetarian recipes. Here, my friends, is where it is: Non-Veg Food, In The Main

Ok, I'm TOTALLY thinking what you're thinking, and I know exactly what you're thinking - what on earth is this woman doing starting yet another blog when she's been neglecting the ones she DOES have? I know, I know. I'm probably all kinds of a fool for doing this, but... who knows, it might kick-start my mojo and make me a food blogger again instead of a food-blog lurker.

And yes, since I'm pretty much a rank beginner in the non-vegetarian cooking arena, my skills are very basic, and so is my knowledge. The recipes that will feature in my new blog will be mainly for the beginner cook, but I hope to improve my culinary skills as we go along. The trick will be in cooking without tasting, because after all, I'm vegetarian! Fingers crossed for luck!


Jayanthy Kumaran said...

wishing you all success..:)
happy blogging..
Tasty Appetite

Bvira.com said...

Best of luck.

Kay said...

Go for it, Shyam!!

I for one, get your need to write about what you want to work on. That's the main reason I stopped food blogging and moved on to other interests.

but hey, cooking without tasting? I'm stumped! I have a compulsive need to taste my food at least 5 times before I say it's ready to eat. :p

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of a separate new blog for non-veg, Shyam...very brahmanic :-)