Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tagged - the 7 Meme

I do believe I've been tagged - by the ebullient, funny, evocative food blogger Anthony, of Anthony's Bachelor Cooking. I dont get tagged nearly enough (and let's face it, some of those memes are simply too complicated for the likes of me!), so it's always exciting when one comes along. Here goes then, without further ado:

The 7 Meme

7 Things to Do Before I Die:
1. Sky-dive in New Zealand
2. Grow a tree (preferably a cherry tree, so it can blossom in the spring)
3. Learn to read/write/speak Japanese
4. Visit Japan (duh)
5. Meet Chris Evans (of Cellular fame)
6. Live in a real English castle
7. Become a millionaire, quit my job and travel travel travel

7 Things I Cannot Do (or things I do NOT enjoy doing)
1. Dive without displacing half the water in the pool
2. Watch sci-fi flicks that feature gooey, slimy, dripping ugly creatures (this also includes William Shatner)
3. Go to noisy nightclubs
4. Put up with hypocrites
5. Smoke cigarettes
6. Not be jealous of anybody with straight shiny thick black hair (this probably rules out most of China)
7. Maths - ANY kind

7 Things that Attracted Me to Blogging
1. Being able to write what I want, how much ever I want without being censored or edited
2. Having other bloggers visit, read and leave comments in my blog(s) (thanks for this one, Anthony!)
3. Reading other blogs - especially the funny and inspiring ones
4. Making new friends, meeting fellow bloggers
5. Food blogs
6. Food blogs
7. Food blogs

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. Damn, I dont want to go to work.
2. Good morning, how may I help you today (when at work)
3. NOW where's the remote gone?
4. Good grief (I'm a Charlie Brown fan, can you tell?)
5. Nice (differing tones depending on the situation)
6. And this is going to help how?
7. Wha?

7 Books I Love
Damn, it's gonna be difficult to whittle down my list to just 7... gotta cheat a bit
1. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. Malgudi Days
3. Daddy Long Legs
4. Roots
5. (cheat begins here) All Terry Pratchetts
6. Most of Stephen King
7. All of P G Wodehouse (cheat ends)

7 Movies I Watch Over and Over
1. Sholay (Hindi)
2. Nayakan (Tamil)
3. All of Me (*ing Steve Martin)
4. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (*ing Steve Martin again)
5. Mrs Doubtfire
6. The Jungle Book
7. The Sound of Music

7 Bloggers I’m Tagging
This is going to be difficult because I suspect this meme has been doing the rounds for a looooooong time, but I'll give it a go:
1. Sailu, of
Sailu's Food
2. Lera, of
Myriad Tastes
3. Priya, of
Priya's Kitchen
4. Bilbo, of
5, 6, 7. Anybody who reads this and wants to :)


bilbo said...

hey ,
now why couldn't I be 5.6.7 on the tagged list. So u want to learn to read, write and speak japanese and also visit japan. How abt coming down here and keeping me company :)

I visited your other blogs some days back and loved going through those.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Aw Bilbo, be a sport - let's learn lots of things about you in multiples of 7! :)

I actually began learning Japanese when I was in india but my work timing & workload ensured that I didnt have enough time to practise :( I'm on the lookout for Jappu classes here, fingers crossed!

Also, thanks for the invite to Japan :)

sailu said...

Sholay,To Kill A Mocking Bird and The Sound Of Music....My fav's too,Shammi.

Anonymous said...

Good taste there, Sailu :)

Kay said...

How can I forget the Jungle book? I see you too want to sky dive. My long term wish too! Here's to wishing all your dreams come true.

I love to visit Japan too after watching the TV serial 'Oshin', but I'll pass on learning Japanese.

Mika said...

Hi Shammi- my blog has moved to http://greenjackfruit2.blogspot.com/. Please update my link. I wanted to send you an email but could not find it.
I would also appreciate it if you can post a short post about this new link. I am totally not able to post anything in my blog. I would appreciate it very much.