Thursday, June 22, 2006

'Confessions in Groups of Five' Meme

Vaishali from Happy Burp tagged me for this meme. Since I've probably already repeated myself regarding why I like memes, I'll skip that step and go to the meme straightaway! :)

5 items in my freezer

- Bags of fresh frozen peas. How I love the lil green guys!
- Frozen blueberries
- Frozen herbs
- Two "freezer" mugs (double-layered with water between, which freezes to ice and keeps drinks cold)
- Rather a lot of ice

5 items in my closet

- Many old handbags + a couple of new ones
- Too many old souvenir t-shirts that are faded from wear but will not be thrown away until they actually fall to bits!
- Lots of hangers with covers knitted by my kind mother-in-law.
- 5 sarees and 1 salwar kameez, none of which I wear here except for formal occasions which thankfully are very rare

5 items in my car

I dont have a car but for the purposes of this meme, Pete's car can be considered mine! :)
- Pen, lip balm, sunglasses
- Coins - annoying ten pence, two pence and pennies which hardly ever get used but keep accumulating.
- Emergency coats, picnic rug
- Mobile phone charger
- UK road atlas

5 items in my purse

- Lip balm
- Credit card, debit card, emergency cash
- Coins (50p, £1, £2) and emergency £10 note
- Migraine tablets
- Library card

I'd like to tag
Annita of My Treasure, My Pleasure, Karthi, of Kitchenmate and Mika, of The Green Jackfruit. As always, anyone else who wants to do this meme, consider yourself tagged :) Those who've been tagged here, only do it if you want to!


Vaishali said...

Cool, Shammi. Thanks for responding. Btw, migraine tablets? :(

Anonymous said...

Yep, unfortunately...