Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Remove Plagiarism!

I didnt even know that anybody had used my lemon rice recipe and photos (and for all I know, other posts too) word for word, picture for picture, until a kind reader, Harsha, pointed it out to me and provided the link. I was actually surprised that they used my photos, because there are so many more that are way more worthy of plagiarism, as it were. (Sort of like, if you MUST steal, you pathetic creatures, at least make sure you steal from the BEST blogs! Talk about your second-rate copycats.)

Anyway, back to the main point. I dont even want payment, really... just an acknowledgement that the recipe/photo was taken from MY blog - a basic courtesy shown to someone who has taken the trouble to write out the recipe, make the dish, take and post the photos and publish on the blog.

And what I have said here is also on behalf of all the other fantastic food bloggers from whose blogs I get so much inspiration and pleasure... like Indira of Mahanandi, Saffron Hut, Vaishali of Happy Burp, oh so MANY more (all of whom are listed on my blog links!) The very least they deserve is acknowledgement, if their posts are used. So this is my little bit against plagiarism on the Net, whether it's by Yahoo or anyone else.



Vijayalaxmi Hegde said...

Hey, was here for the first time yesterday via blog bharti. Amazing site, really. And damn the copycats. We'll keep comin back to you anyways.

Anonymous said...

Vijayalaxmi: Hey, thanks :) Always nice to get a compliment or two!

Maven said...

Well I know it's not my lemon rice post... I've been accused of making tamarind rice but with lemon instead (I don't grind my masala). It sucks when people snag stuff and don't link back.