Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Photos of the apricot disaster

It's been so long (or it FEELS so long) since my last post where I asked if anybody wanted to see pics of my apricot disaster, that I bet everyone's forgotten about it. Well, I cant have THAT happen, can I? So here they are... the only thing I can say is that the photos dont look as bad as reality did! :) Better yet, there's no way of tasting/smelling the cake. Whoopee! When they invent a way to share not just photos and recipes, but smells and tastes as well, that will be the day I close down this blog - assuming I dont abandon it sooner, that is (jes' kidding *wink*).

Step 1 to disaster: Chopped apricots sprinkled on top of glue batter

Step 2 to disaster: Cinnamon-flour-sugar mix sprinkled on top of chopped apricots sprinkled on top of glue batter

Step 3 to disaster: Baked cake with the cooked glue lurking underneath

Final step to disaster: TaDAAAAAH - glue cake in all its gummy glory!


Anonymous said...

Hey ..I am sooooo glad u started copyrighting ur photos :) (Anyways u know ..I am a hugee fan of ur bakes (Eggless Plzzz :))I bet the photos in the disaster dont look bad at alll :):)

Almond Bread Company said...

Hey Shammi,

As you said, the pics don't look as bad as reality. Don't you worrry. Better luck for next time. You are helping all of us by telling us if you have had a disaster with a recipe, so that we also don't make the same mistake. You are doing a terrific job!!!

bee said...

hey, shammi, i can eat that.

Anonymous said...

Lavani: Thanks :) The photos dont look bad, I agree, but the cake was a total loss!

Shri: That's kind of why I post my disasters too. It's like a review, really, when I'm trying recipes from cookbooks.

Bee: No you couldnt have eaten that! :) What an irony that the photos look good yet the cake was ugh!