Monday, December 31, 2007

Best of 2007 at Food, In The Main

Cant believe how quickly 2007 has gone by - do the days, weeks and months fly by faster and faster the older you get? If so, the years are going to disappear in the blink of an eye... and I for one dont wish to rush through the rest of my life. Not, of course, that there's any choice about how time goes by. I mean, otherwise we'd all be choosing to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the good times out, wouldnt we? Times flies when we're having fun, they say. In that case, all I can say is - I must have had a DOOZY of a time in 2007, because I still remember the first post of this year and I didnt even have to think about it. And now I'm on the last post. Flipping amazing.

Anyway, here's a retrospective of my food blog in the year 2007 - perhaps it's a bit too late for
Nupur's "Best moments of 2007" round-up... but I'm doing it anyway, and I'll send her the link anyway, and hope for the best. My favouritest five posts this year have been:

1. My first post of 2007 -
Ricotta Rasmalai. I love this recipe for turning out so delicious and so untraditionally traditional.

Vegetarian shepherds pie - Because this recipe sacrifices nothing - in taste or farmyard animals - while still being very British.

Kiwi Gee's carrot halwa For two reasons - one, this was my 250th post and two, the halwa was GORGEOUS!

Fat free microwave potato crisps - Again for two reasons - one, I really, really enjoyed writing the post, it was so effortlessly nonsensical. And two, the crisps were superb!

Devil's food cake - Because the cake was soooooo good for the tiny amount of effort required in making it. And because it turned out the same way every time I made it (as long as I didnt arbitrarily change the ingredient amounts).

And that's it.

Goodbye, Year 2007! It's been fun! Happy new year 2008 to all, and may everything good come your way!


Nupur said...

I had put up the round-up but managed to sneak you in :) thanks so much for putting up this post! I have to try your vegetarian Shepherd's pie before winter is over.
Happy New Year, Shammi, and here's to another year of great food (and effortlessly delightful writing) on this blog.

Padmaja said...

Shammi!! Lovely read as always!! Wishing you n family a very happy new year!!

Suganya said...

Your blog looks funny in my reader. Whited out completely. Anyways, Happy New Year. Its always great to read your posts, Shammi.

Linda said...

Happy New Year, Shyam and Pete! Hope your 2008 is full of all good things (and lots more yummy recipes from Food, In the Main!) :)

Anonymous said...

Whether you enjoyed writing your posts..I sure enjoy every single write-up (nevermind the recipe) ;-)

Happy new year, Shyam!

Mansi said...

wow Shyamala, that's a neat list! and yeah, the shepherd's pie will go on my to-do list too:)

Wish you a happy and healthy 2008!!