Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greens from my garden

Mustard greens. (The part I didnt pick is now growing little bright yellow flowers. I'm waiting to see what happens to them next!)

Cress. Don't know if this is known in India, or goes by other names. I just know (from Enid Blyton, who else!) that egg-and-cress sandwiches are a classic combo.

Spinach beet. No, I'm not growing beetroot - that's just what this variety of spinach is called. No idea why.


Unknown said...

Seems you have a great garden!Lovely pics.

Roopa said...

I thought you were gonna make something with the three together and suddenly the post was over :-/

I'm no great cook (actually a NO cook) but I've been following your blog rather religiously for the past couple of months. Hopefully someday soon I'll try one of the recipes (and even more hopefully it'll come out at least half as good as it looks here :) ).

Shammi said...

Divya: It's only a container garden :) I'm not much of a gardener at all.

Roopa: Patience, grasshopper! :D I'm doing a post, these photos are a stopgap :)