Monday, November 22, 2010

National Curry Week - November 21-27, 2010

Did you know that this week is "National Curry Week" in the UK? I didn't, till a short while back. A week of celebrating a type of cuisine that is quintessentially British, having been shaped and given identity over the last 200 years. Did you know the first curry house in the UK was opened waaaaay back in 1810?

Purists may not approve of the British "curry", considering it a lopsided growth of something that has its origins in the north of India... but like it or shun it, curry is definitely a part of British culture now. It's not Indian, it's "Brindian". And Cobra beer is apparently THE drink to go with a spicy Brindian curry. (Me, I prefer lassi... but I'm not much of a drinker and I HATE beer.)

Anyway, Cobra teamed up with Pat Chapman, a cookbook writer, and undertook a survey to identify the 10 top favourite regional foods. And then they "Brindianised" those foods in celebration of Cobra National Curry Week 2010.

The ten new recipes – including ‘Devonshire cream chai’, a spice-infused take on the teatime classic served with chilli jam; ‘ha-ghee-s’, traditional haggis served with curry sauce; and ‘pie, madras & liquor’, an Eastern twist on the East end favourite - will be sold in participating regional Indian restaurants across the country throughout Cobra National Curry Week 2010.

So if you're British, a lover of curry and a connoisseur of Cobra beer , Christmas might have come early, mateys! And you won't need to "curry" favour for a bargain (pardon the very intended pun), as Cobra has teamed up with 500 restaurants across Britain to offer a two for one promotion on main meals from Monday 21st November to Thursday 25th November with the purchase of Cobra Beer. Go for it, guys!

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AJ said...

LoL, the Brits appear to have given up Bangers and Mash for chicken tikka masala and a heady Indian brew!!