Monday, October 22, 2007

The Four-Things meme

Tagged for a meme by one of my favourite bloggers, Linda of Out Of The Garden, so here goes:

Four places I’ve lived in:

- Jamshedpur, Bihar, India
- Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
- Chennai, India
- Singapore

Four jobs I’ve had:

- Sub-editor, Indian Express, Chennai
- Sr sub-editor, Business Line, Chennai
- Exec sub-editor, The New Paper, Singapore
- Personal secretary (current)

Four places I’ve holidayed in:

- Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
- Munnar, Kerala
- Wellington, NZ
- Dublin, Ireland

Four favourite foods:

- My mother’s vendakkai pitla
- My periamma’s peas pulao
- My uncle’s taro root fry
- Sweet, seedless, refrigerated purple grapes

Four places I’d rather be:

- With my family, pretty much anywhere
- At Gogarty’s Pub in Dublin, listening to live Irish music
- At my uncle’s place, playing carromboard with my cousins
- Scotland, by a peaceful loch, listening to the silence

I’m absolutely certain everyone’s done this meme, but I’ll be more than happy if anyone wants to take it up – and let me know, because I’d love to know your choices too!


Siri said...

Wow.. u are a sub-editor to Indian Express.. Lovely..:D

Padmaja said...

Shyamala nice n sweet Meme!!
wonderful to hear your tastes n choices!!!

Mallika said...

I used to be a sub editor on The Asian Age. Funny co-incidence!

Linda said...

Hi Shammi, thanks for playing along -- loved to read your meme and get to know a little more about you! You have certainly been to some wonderful places! Now, when are we going to see recipes for your fav. dishes? :)

Srivalli said...

Thats a nice meme to read...nice knowing about you

Cinnamon said...

Thats a nice Meme... its good to know abt u :)

bhags said...

ur jobs are pretty impressive, i must say....sub editor for a newspaper is hell of a big deal...nice knowing a bit about u

Shyam said...

Siri: That was my first job out of college! :)

Padmaja: Thanks :)

Mallika: Aha, a few newspaper hack! Nice to know :)

Linda: :) Patience, grasshopper!

Srivalli, Cinnamon, Bhags: Thank you all! :)

sra said...

Ah carroms! I played a few games recently! Do you like Scrabble too?

Apple said...

So good to hear about your tastes and above all that you were a sub-editor to one of the prestigious newspaper..

Shyam said...

Sra: Do I LIKE Scrabble??? I play online all the time :) And Sudha's a keen Scrabbler too - it's good fun!

Apple: Thanks! :)

TheCooker said...

You lived in Jampot? When??
Tisco or Telco area???

Linda said...

"Patience is a virtue, for certain, but one in which I am sorely lacking" ;)

-- Grasshopper

Shyam said...

The Cooker: Way, way WAAAAAYYY back :) In the Tisco area.

Linda: Hehe.

Mansi Desai said...

I share the carrom-board memory with you:) lovely meme..surely enjoyed reading it!

btw, how come I'm missing on your fellow foodies list?:(

Shyam said...

Hi Mansi

Glad you enjoyed reading the meme :) You're on my blogroll now - but my bloroll is mostly redundant now because I check everybody's posts on Food Blog Desam! :) Which is why I missed the fact that you werent on my blogroll!

Teesu said...

Did you mean me Mommy's peas pulao? Or someone else's? :) LOVE my mom's any and every dish...and your mom's thengai thogayl especially:) Think the secret of my figure is GREAT food any/every where in the family!;)