Friday, January 06, 2012

Hello and welcome, 2012!

So this cheery ushering-in of the new year comes about 6 days too late, but what of that? The cheeriness is entirely organic with impeccable local credentials and no mention of chemical fertilisers, air-miles or carbon footprint whatsoever despite the delay - so what's not to like about my welcome?

Now that's sorted, how has the new year been treating you, my loyal readers? Kindly, I hope, with plenty for you to look forward to in the months to come, in your lives and on your blogs (if you have any).

The new year sees no changes in my blog's appearance, but I'll be trying to post mostly low-fat recipes (my one resolution is to lose weight and eat healthy - or, to be precise, the other way around). I will be baking cakes, but not as often as before and, again, trying to make them healthy - or as healthy as possible, given that they're sugar-laden carb-fests in the first place.

I'm probably not going post particularly frequently either... so no change there, really.

So there we have it. Now you know what's in store for this blog, and for you in this blog. Happy new year 2012, you wonderful people!


Kay said...

Thanks and Happy new year to you too, Shammi!! :)

Linda said...

Happy New Year, Shammi! Brussels sprouts and mushrooms with balsamic, that's brilliant :)