Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm back!

I cant believe I havent posted a single thing in my blog for the last three weeks... it's been such a hectic trip to the States, there was just no time to do any cooking, much less post new recipes. I have to say that it was just the best holiday I've had, and I consider it a taster trip. (A sort of appetizer, to put it in terms that are in keeping with the nature of this blog... heheh) Next time it's going to be a lot more leisurely, hopefully with time to meet blog pals and check out the various specialty food shops and cafes/bistros, etc that I've seen recommended on many blogs. I'm just sorry I didnt have the time for all that. All I can say is - next time, definitely! :)

Let's see now... the trip took in New York-Washington-Erie-Niagara-Seattle-Salt Lake City-Yellowstone National Park-San Francisco-Seattle and then back home. Sixteen days that went by in a flash, and I didnt manage to meet any but one of my oldest friends from school, in San Francisco. Wouldnt it be nice to be a multi-millionaire, with time and money to spare!

Anyway... I'm back, and ready to continue my blog with more food posts. So keep an eye on here, folks.

Damn, it's GOOD to be back in the blogworld! :)


Gini said...

You practically covered almost half of US in 16 days. That is more travelling in US than I have done living here. I am glad to had a great time.

Priya Bhaskaran said...

Good to see you back:) shammi you have almost covered the US I belive, in such a short span of days..I appreciate your energy for travelling:)

Nupur said...

Oh Shammi, with my India trip and everything, I was out of whack...I never even realized that you were on your way to New York City :( I do hope you enjoyed the trip, and that we will get to meet up sometime!

Vaishali said...

Hey Shammi,
Great to have you back. The ARF event was not the same without your entries.

shammi said...

Gini, Priya - yep, it was a really hectic trip, but I enjoyed every minute! Cant believe I saw the Niagara AND Old Faithful on one trip, among other things! :)

shammi said...

Nupur - I would absolutely love to meet up with you next time I'm NY.. and there will definitely be a next time! :)

Vaishali: Thanks, pal :) Hope to see you at the next ARF event!